Personal content selection strategy is just as important as graduating from school.

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technology-overload2As media channels get ever-more factionalized and content creation and publishing flattens to encompass more individuals, the strategy we utilize to select our personal content becomes paramount.

Personal content selection is the 21st Century’s adaptation to the age-old adage of “You are what you eat”, or “You are what you read”. Over-time, prolonged exposure to certain themes, genres, and forms of content will shape your perspective.

Currently we marvel at how we can increasingly ‘multi-task’ and consume more than one form of media/content at one time. But just like how machines and technology — which was supposed to ease our burdens and free our time — have instead sped up our lives and reduced our free time, so too will the increase in media/content selection & availability make our choice of which media to consume that much more important.

In a hyper-inflated media world (hyper in comparison to the media environment of the past) we will be pressed to streamline and make efficient our media consumption.

cell-phones_50And that is why I think it will become essential for schools to start teaching children not just how to search for information or how to interpret it, but also how to control the flow of information and be critical in the selection of content flow one chooses. There is a strategy involved. Its a life skill that, unfortunately people do not and will not learn before its too late.

You are the media you consume.  Whether you’re a political-junky, a YouTube-surfer, part of the Twitterati, or just a basic couch-potato.  You are the media you consume.

So be smart about it.  Actively think about your own consumption strategy.  Be critical of sources.  Diversify your consumption like a stock portfolio manager.  History, Politics, Economics, Drama, Art, Sports, Comedy, Documentaries, Cartoons, Mini-series, Full-length movies, podcasts, magazines, blogs, and hard-bound books.

And always leave space and time for your own thoughts.