Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: What I wish iPad could be.

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Image from Apple website

My good friend Tim Cascio wrote a blog post entitled: Apple iSlate Roadmap: Game-Changing Features for Version 1.0 and Beyond and asked me to comment on what I imagine a game-changing iPad should look like.  Here was my response:

>> I was curious about what Apple would indeed release, but I had my doubts about what they would actually put into this new device. I concluded we needed a mini-tablet a couple years ago when I first started thinking about the need for a mid-tier device between the mobile phone and the laptop.  Since then we””ve had emerge Netbooks and also eReaders. These two alternatives have really risen the bar and made it difficult for how a mini-tablet or ”iPad” could be a game changer.

After the announcement yesterday, I”ve been reading a lot of reviews about the device.  I found this particular critique along the lines of my own opinions about the iPad: 10 Reasons Why you should NOT Buy Apple iPad

For me, what I””m looking for is a simple yet robust device that allows me to have a light, flexible, and versatile window into all my connectivity needs.

Building on Tim”s list, here is my brief list of what would make me feel it is a game-changer:

1) Voice activation, Voice commands, & Voice type + recording: When I think of a touch screen device, a REAL one, I don”t think the proper interface is typing on a screen. I think it is awkward and inefficient.  A real game-changer would be get rid of the mouse, get rid of qwerty, and change the way we input information. Of course, there can always be a virtual keyboard when needed, or when voice is not appropriate (like in a meeting), but, a 9-inch screen should not be accessed by thumbs, and is really uncomfortable for efficient typing.

2) Multi-tasking: I think this is imperatively essential. Not that it has to be the same kind of OS and platform that we are used to in a netbook/laptop, but, some other form of convenient multi-tasking is extremely crucial.

3) Constant, continuous connectivity awareness: A real tablet should be constantly aware of its surroundings, automatically connecting you to the fastest, most stable, and free combinations of wi-fi, 3G & bluetooth devices around you.  This thing should make it seamless and simple for you not only reach out to the net and external information, but should also simultaneously enable you to pull information in from other devices (pictures, media files from your mobile phone or video/content saved on your computer or other storage, and ofcourse the internet).  This awareness should extend to things like credit-cards, all kinds of magnetic strips, and most importantly RFIDs.

4) An amalgamation of a bright OLED screen and eInk screen.  I might be dreaming at the moment, but you better believe that someday soon someone will figure out how to make both technologies available in one device.  Where you can change easily from a touch screen to an eInk screen. That would really be a game changer.

5) Really good graphics.  All I really want is for this thing to be an awesome viewing apparatus.  I want it to have enough processing power to show me things the way things should be seen. Maybe in the future with augmented reality and/or 3D technology. I don”t need it to have the kind of processing power to run complex gaming or heavy computing calculations.  I would expect all the heavy heavy computing lifting will be done through cloud-computing.  I would want this thing to be simple, light and be my window into where the real activity is going on: on the internet.

Thats really all I want. I don”t need it to have every knick-knack out there. Even a camera may not be that necessary for this thing. For me this should be my central nexus/hub to pull in all my disparate information from my disparate devices and formulate the best window for my information.  Thats it.